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Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) Implementation

Established as the essential tool for medical facilities and healthcare providers, a Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a software solution that records, manages, and stores data generated by a clinical laboratory.

Typically, a versatile, integrated LIS will efficiently route test orders to predetermined laboratory instruments, track those orders, and then record the results in a searchable database that is available to authorized users within a strictly controlled environment.

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

(LIS) Stores data generated by a clinical laboratory

InfasME, working with our partner software developer National Technology, supplies and supports a fully-customizable LIS solution that is adaptable for medical environments of any size. It delivers fast and accurate information to healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, medical practices or point of care locations.

Laboratory information systems LIS

LIS helps organizations to minimize paperwork













A highly versatile system, our LIS helps organizations to minimize paperwork, eliminates the risk of human error in routing or defining tests, and significantly speeds up the entire test/result process. The high-performance InfasME LIS solutions can be combined with an existing medical facility’s IT infrastructure, or supplied as a stand-alone, yet unified solution. It is cloud-based for secure, remote access, and being an off-site system there is no need for on-site storage or hardware capital investment.

With over 20 years of development and product refinement, our solutions are based on a state-of-the-art software architecture that has been optimized to the point where today it represents the very pinnacle of LIS technology.

Partner: National Technologies

INFASME partners with National technology to provide the best LIS systems available in the region.

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