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Digitize ME

Digitize ME

Complete Digital Archiving!

Digitize ME Accelerates your business with e-documentation.
we do it from A-Z from scanning the documents to delivering it on your storage to work it out with your team.

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Who are we & What we do?

Digitize ME is a program provided by Infas ME to convert your paper and material archive to a digital one, gaining much more speed and ease in your framework. we’ve been there since 1997, devising & outsourcing Enterprise content Management & electronic Document management solutions and services for SMB, Enterprise, Government and NGO sectors.

Using “Fotopia” document capture solution, we’ll convert your paper archive to a digital one in no time, saving you time, money and technical hassle your business don’t need. We do it all, scan, index & export a version you can easily use and complies to your workflows, only without wasting time on going through boxes and paper folders. Learn More

Why Digitize ME?


It’s only a key’s turn to have Digitize ME get all your desired paper documents and archiving to a cloud storage and integrate it with your document workflow application to make the most out of the digitization experience and see an immediate impact on your system.



         Scanning up to 5,000 docs daily & immediately storing them in your e-archive or storage.

      UAE Wide Coverage

           The team, equipment and technology will head your way and get the job done within 3 days tops.


         Starting from 75 fils per page! No need for any hardware or software from client side.


        The documents are digitized in full detail with high quality, enabling you to find them by searching for the key identifiers like you normally do.


Digitize ME, with integrity

Following an award winning process to guarantee speed and never comprmising the quality. free your office and maintains your work-flow, only faster.

Planning & Analysis

Experts get your way of doing business & build the index.

Scanning & indexing

5,000 documents scanned & flawlessly indexed in lightspeed.

Quality Check-up

Assures all scanned image quality & content is easily readable.


Get your E-documents, on cloud, Database or removable storage.

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