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Infas ME Announces ECM Partnership with ENEO in Cameron

InfasME ventures into the African market with its newest deal with Cameron’s main electricity provider.

As part of its ongoing efforts within the enterprise content management sector and integrating
with its mission in equipping entities to better face business challenges in the digital era, Infas
ME has partnered up with ENEO, the main electricity company in Cameron, to manage all the
institution’s content.

ENEO partners with InfasME
This comes as a significant step for Infas ME, as it extends services to the African Market, after
operating within the Middle East for more than 22 years. Based on this vast experience, ENEO
chose Infas ME to manage its content across all departments, automate documents flows using
Microsoft technology, and store content directly on ENEO SharePoint folders.
Infas ME is to provide ENEO with Fotopia, a top-notch comprehensive enterprise content
management solution that eliminates numerous paper hassles and allows companies to
completely go digital while securely storing unlimited amounts of content. With its Capture,
Viewer, and Discovery applications, Fotopia covers all ECM challenges facing entities nowadays,
from scanning content, real-time viewing and editing, to easily searching for and retrieving

Infas ME’s General Manager, Mr. Ahmed Moussa confirmed that Infas ME is indeed planning to
go global, saying “We are pleased to be ENEO’s ECM partner of choice, as this project marks a
significant step for both parties”, adding that “The African market is full of potential and Infas
ME wants to be there to help businesses succeed all over Africa”.

ENEO Cameroon
Also commenting on the partnership, MR. (Add Name), the (Add Position) of ENEO, the
company in charge of generating, transmitting and distributing electrical energy throughout the
Republic of Cameroon, said that “ENEO chose to join forces with Infas ME for content
managing, based on its solid expertise and stellar reputation within the field”.
It’s worth mentioning that Infas ME is a leading enterprise content management and digital
document management services provider, with numerous implemented projects aimed at
improving workplace collaboration within governmental, banking, and telecommunications

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