National Techology Services

Established in 1997, National Technology was the first of its kind in providing Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) in the Middle East. In addition to catering to the private and public medical sectors, it is the current leading LIS provider in Egypt and also operates in UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Sudan , Nigeria and Ethiopia.


Laboratory Data Manager (LDM)

Laboratory Data Manager (LDM) is a fully featured LIS that covers all functional areas of a laboratory, enabling better patient care and safety, reduced operating costs and increased productivity.

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Blood Bank Manager

Blood Bank Manager manages various functions of a blood bank such as donor recruitment, donation management, transfusion orders, inventory, reporting and much more.

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LDM Middleware

LDM Middleware integrates new advanced systems to existing LIS systems already being used by healthcare providers.

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Point of Care Manager (PCM)

PCM connects various types of point of care testing devices on one platform, facilitating the collection of patient results and the checking of device statuses, as well as ensuring quality control, among other functionalities.

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National Technology also provides services which include:

LIS solution design and LDM LIS customization

National Technology will gather the requirements as well as the functional features to tailor the solution which fits your needs with the required system architecture.

LIS System Evaluation

Existing systems will be evaluated and the missing requirements will be analyzed to enable the systems to function smoothly.

LIS Implementation and Training

In addition to implementing LIS solutions, National Technology will also train clients in the usage of these solutions.

HL7 Consultancy

With its expertise in HL7, National Technology can advise customers on the best HL7 version that would meet their needs.

Customized Connectivity Solutions

Custom connectivity solutions to devices are designed and developed according to customer practices.

Managed Resources Support Services

Operational resources can be outsourced to save on the need of hiring and training of new personnel.

Medical Systems Integration Services

Clients with already existing HL7 or legacy systems can be aided in executing and monitoring integrations with their systems.